Through simple yet brave acts of protest, athletes across the country and of all ages have joined a powerful movement calling for racial justice and an end to police violence. Join us by adding your name and note of appreciation for athletes at all levels who are taking action for us.

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  1. “The right to protest and the right for equal treatment under the law should be sacrosanct. To express the need for change to correct the mistreatment of any group of Americans is an act of patriotism.”

    John hayes

  2. “Your public positions inspire us all to continue our work for true and equal respect, justice, and opportunity. Most of all, you inspire young people to see beyond systemic problems, to a country they can truly embrace. You give all of us hope. Thank you!”

    Miriam S.
    Monterey, MA

  3. “Your actions today will be marked as the spirit of change for victory tomorrow. ”

    Cindy M.
    River Grove, IL

  4. “Your actions exemplify the courage most of us wish we had to publicly speak out for justice. Keep up the great work for change is slow and we need constant reminders to not settle for the status quo. Thank you!”

    Michael H.
    Kirkland, WA

  5. “You men and women SUPER ROCK. I don‘t even like sports and now I’m getting to know your community because of your bravery and good hearts. Peace and love”

    Keli V.
    Santa Barbara, CA

  6. "You are brave beyond words! You have character and amazing strength! You are a role model! You are the person children can look up to and eminate! Thank you for your courage in this critical time of need!"

    Robert D.
    Jacksonville, FL

  7. “Don't give up the fight. Stand for justice. We are with you.”

    Rodney S.
    Memphis, TN

  8. “Doing the right thing is often a difficult road to walk.”

    Joseph M.
    San Antonio, TX

  9. “Do not stop protesting. We need you.”

    Kathyrn F.
    Milan, MI

  10. “Courage is what I see in you!”

    Elaine H.
    Salem, OR

  11. “As American's you have the constitutional right to protest, I firmly stand and kneel behind you and your actions Thank you for speaking up.”

    George O.
    White Sulphur Springs, MT

  12. “As an African American Elder, I want you to know your courage to stand for justice is lighting a fire that burns brightly around the word and brings hope to so many others who struggle for justice and truth. Thank you!”

    Cynthia F.
    Vancouver, WA

  13. “As a US Army Vet I understand totally and fully support you.”

    Patricia C.

  14. “Thank you for your courage!”

    Jean C.
    Murrieta, CA

  15. “I support you. I'm proud of you. You are not alone. It is your right to silent protest in whatever way you see fit. Power to the people.”

    Shauné H.
    Upper Marlboro, MD

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Dear athletes, sports journalists and students fighting for equity and justice on and off the field:

You are valuable, you are powerful and loved! And you are winning. We know that this has never been about the flag or who's in office, but about protecting the safety and dignity of Black families and our communities. You are the hope, the dream and the legacy of Jackie and Ali.

We got your back, you are the real people's champions.

In solidarity,
The undersigned

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November 30, 2017

Athlete Activist of the Day

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Tommie Smith & John Carlos

Tommie Smith and John Carlos protested on behalf of all Black and oppressed people in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. They were then removed from the Olympic Village and blackballed. We salute their courage.